Dr. Dave Douglas, Partner

Dr. David Douglas
Dave grew up on a dairy farm in Quebec and graduated from the University of Guelph Vet College in 1981. 
He worked in PEI for one year after graduation and joined the Navan Veterinary Clnic in 1982.
He and his wife Shelley live in Navan and have two daughters.

Dr. Jean Cyr, Partner

Dr. Jean Cyr

Jean was born in the Ottawa area but was raised in South Western Ontario.
Jean graduated from Vet College in 1994 and has worked with Navan Veterinary Services since graduation. He practices both dairy and equine veterinary medicine.
He is fluently bilingual and lives in Clarence Creek with his wife Twyla and four children.

Dr. Adrian (Andy) Domen

Dr. Adrian (Andy) Domen 

Andy was born and raised in the Newmarket area. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1981.
He has worked as an associate/owner in Smithville, Campbellford and Napanee. Andy came to the Navan Veterinary
Clinic in 1995. He and his family currently live in Orleans.

Dr. Brianne Griffith