Bovine Services

Cow Comfort

  • Troubleshooting barn design issues
  • Ventilation
  • New building design


  • Measuring and charting growth (height and weight)
  • Deworming, vaccination and replacement programs

Lab Services

In house laboratory services 
  • Milk cultures
  • Antibiotic residue tests
  • Blood work for evaluation of down cows and fatty liver suspects
External Diagnostic Laboratories
IDEXX Laboratory Services
University of Guelph Laboratory Services
  • Coggins (Equine Infectious Anemia)
  • Leukosis
  • Johnes
  • Respiratory Panels
  • Abortion Investigations
  • Blood Urea Nitrogens (BUNs)
  • Testing for Bull AI units
  • Cattle Export
  • etc...



  • Fresh cow and open cow exams
  • Pregnancy diagnosis 
  • Ultrasound - fetal sexing and 28 day pregnancy diagnosis
  • Therapeutic flushes on problem breeder cows
  • Frozen embryo implantation

Ontario DHI

  • Records Analysis - Dairy Comp 305 - Ontario DHI
  • Production
  • Reproduction
  • Mastitis
  • Herd Inventory - milking cows and young stock
  • Graphs & Trends


  • Nutrition services for milking cows, dry cows and heifers

Client Meetings

  • Annual Spring Meetings with guest speakers for relevant topics
  • Smaller producer meetings at local farms
  • Training courses