General Info

At Navan Veterinary Services, Brianne and Jenn are your CQM Advisors and can help you with any CQM related questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Why should I involve the Veterinarian?
  • At Navan Veterinary Services, we can help you find an efficient way of completing your required records, whether paper or computer based
  • Provide you with recent updates to the CQM program
  • Help in preparing protocols and prescriptions designed to work for your farm
When should I start working on CQM?
  • All producers were provided with an Assigned Validation Month over the next 4 years. This cannot be changed unless there are extenuating circumstances
  • You must have 3 months of records completed BEFORE your month.  
  • You should do your training with an Advisor approximately 7 months before your month, in order to be prepared and start on time.
When and why do we need a prescription?
  • A prescription is required when you are treating an animal in a manner other than what you read on the label. Examples of this may include using a drug for longer than the label dose or at a different dose
  • A prescription is also required when any combination of antimicrobials are used, such as with some mastitis treatments
  • A prescription must be prepared for you by your veterinarian with recommend withdrawal times included
What is a protocol?
  • A protocol provides you with a specific guideline for handling common procedures or treatments on your farm
  • You should work with your veterinarian to prepare protocols for some routine procedures on your farm:
          dehorning of youngstock
          reproduction protocol
          calf diarrhea
          calf pneumonia
  • Work with your herd veterinarian to develop protocols which are appropriate for your farm
For more information, go to the DFO website